About Us

YKCPA has been named to reflect and represent all group members. It comprises residents, businesses and investors.

The needs of one often overlap the needs of others and in this way, as a united force for progress, we look to the future to play our part in creating and maintaining a harmonious community to be enjoyed by all.

We welcome everyone and value any and all input as we understand it’s not a case of you and us but instead, we believe in an inclusive approach.As soon as you walk into any of the meetings, your voice has a place to be heard, your concerns about community issues will be taken seriously and in time, with independent and unbiased research, if solutions can be found, we will do our best to find

If positive action can be taken, together, we will do our best to take them with you.

Yorkeys Knob is obviously the focus area for this group but we appreciate that neighbouring suburbs may have topics of interest which pertain to our own situation. It is vital that we can work together in any direction to the benefit and progress of the community.

It is also important to note that if something is working well in our community, we will endeavour to protect it and maintain it for the continued beauty of the area and the enjoyment experienced by the majority.