Minutes- General Meeting 1st April, 2014

Yorkeys Knob Community Progress Association Inc.

General Meeting

1st April, 2014


  • David Ansin, Sue Cooper, Trish Cowin, Rard Changizi, Liz and Frank Harman, Jane and Neil Nash, Jessie Richardson, Laurence Routledge, Chris and Bruce Sneesby, Pauline Stirgess, Wayne Weston, Greg Wilson


  • The Hon. Warren Entsch MP, Mr Michael Trout State Member, Snr. Constable Heidi Marek, Darryl & Sue Harris, Genevieve O’Grady, Ben Leonardi, Royd and Vanessa Kennedy, Adrian Gover, Vicki Hughes, Allan & Glenda Rowan, Gaye and John Benck, Gerrie Wilson, Brian Cowin

Meeting opened

  • 5.35pm


  • Trish Cowin

Treasurers Report

  • The Treasurer, Trish Cowin, reported a balance of $9,297.81

Acceptance of Minutes from Meeting held 11 March 2014

  • The Minutes were accepted as a true record with the exception of an omission now added to the last Minutes that: In the list of ‘Questions to Council from the attendees at the last Meeting’ Mr Laurence Routledge’s (unanswered question) asking who is responsible for Dengue control measures beyond the fence defined Council boundary on Sims Esplanade, had not been included.


Business arising from the Minutes

  • Area past the fence is EPA. An onsite meeting has been requested.


  • An email received from Snr Constable Heidi Marek re Neighbourhood Watch was read. “There are currently two separate associations running at Yorkeys Knob, after some long discussions with Senior Constable Rohde it is evident that needs of the community are currently being addressed by both parties.  After further consultation with NHW State office, in the interest of keeping Neighbourhood Watch neutral and running NHW groups in accordance with the new direction, it is the intention to run this NHW group as its own entity. Rather than forming a 3rd committee at Yorkeys Knob the NHW group will run as an E-Watch to ensure that all residents have access to crime and crime prevention information.  E-Watch is an electronic NHW group that runs without a formal committee.  Yorkeys Knob residents are now able to receive NHW email updates by subscribing to the Yorkeys Knob E-Watch email address;  Yorkeyknobewatch@gmail.com The E-Watch concept is running very successfully in several areas around Cairns and the Northern Beaches. Yorkeys Knob presently appears to be well covered with the two groups currently running, access to Yorkeys Knob E-Watch will be available to all. Through E-Watch, residents will be able to subscribe to receive electronic updates directly from the police about crime in Yorkeys Knob. The Cairns Crime Prevention Unit will work closely with Yorkeys Knob Police beat to ensure that residents are kept informed.”
  • An email received from the Chairperson of Lido Deauville Apartments noted the need for more intensive fogging in the Goodwood Park area due to the dense undergrowth and subsequent debris trapped there that is providing breeding grounds for mosquitoes. It was requested that Council put Goodwood Park on their Agenda for continuous fogging on the same scale afforded to the Primary School at Yorkeys Knob, and that the seaward area of Goodwood Park be cleaned up.

    The mosquito problem in Deauville Close is becoming impossible for residents to cope with; and we now have a case of Dengue Fever for a resident of Deauville Close.

  • An email received from Mr Laurence Routledge asked that we (YKCPA) remind Council of the need to regularly remove palm fronds and other undergrowth from beyond the fence defined Council boundary on Sims Esplanade. This matter was discussed at quite some length by those in attendance and responded to by Councillor Jessie Richardson.

Report from Councillor Jessie Richardson

  • New toilets for the Southern end of Yorkeys Knob Beach have been approved by Council for their 2015-2016 Budget.
  • The existing toilets at the Northern end of the beach are currently under repair.
  • The Iron Man Triathalon event this year will commence at Palm Cove but will not come to Yorkeys Knob this time.
  • Volunteers are needed to help weeding etc., for the Cattana Wetlands.
  • Council has launched their ‘Living with Water’ program. It was noted that is about 135-137 years since Smithfield was washed down river.
  • In response to a question from the floor, Councillor Richardson commented that although the proposed beautification of Varley Street had been approved by Council, there were currently no funds available for that to commence.

Thank you Councillor Jessie for always coming to our meetings and answering our questions.

General Business

  • There were very lengthy detailed discussions from those attending the meeting regarding the problem of the foreshore area and the densely wooded areas on the Eastern side of Goodwood Park being breeding grounds for mosquitoes and also being unsightly and unkempt looking for a number of years now.
  • We are in the process of organising Member Cards.
  • We are currently in the process of organising professional signage.
  • We need a volunteer who will erect these signs monthly and then remove them on the day after each of our regular monthly meetings please.
  • We want YOUR feedback please with suggestions of things you would like implemented or improved regarding the facilities and lifestyle in Yorkeys knob. We are pleased to say that we have already received a number of different suggestions.
  • Mrs Liz Harman has very kindly offered to manage our Facebook page.
  • Our Facebook page is now becoming popular with lots of ‘Likes’ already. We would encourage our members to put items of interest on our Facebook page and remember to read others’ comments and use the ‘Likes’ to promote our page on the internet to family and friends.
  • Our thanks go to Stephanie from Harcourts Real Estate for her assistance to date with our website preliminary set up ( www.yorkeysknobcommunity.com ).
  • We need someone to further build the website and maintain it please.
  • Our new email address is yorkeysknobcommunityprogress@gmail.com

Meeting Closed at 6:25pm

  • We extend our thanks to The Boating Club for hosting our meeting.

Next meeting will be the at 5.30 pm on Tuesday the 6th May at the Boating Club