Minutes- General Meeting- 6th May, 2014

Yorkeys Knob Community Progress Association Inc.

General Meeting

6th May, 2014



  • Rard Changizi, Trish & Brian Cowin, Genevieve O’Grady, Jessie Richardson, Matthew Rohde, Chris Snoek, Barry Smeaton, Liz Harman, Barbara Smith, Allan & Glenda Rowan, Laurie & Lenore Routledge, Adrian Gover, Martin Durkan, Greg Wilson, Maurice Milner, Wayne Leclos, Judy Collier, Neil & Jane Nash


  • Sue and Darryl Harris, Pauline Stirgess, Chris and Judi Ingram, Michael Trout, Therese and Jack Van Huis, Wayne Weston, Karen (Buzzaroma), Warren Entsch, Vicki & Andrew Hughes, Bruce Sneesby

Meeting opened

  • 5:35pm


Meeting objective

  • This meetings objective was to get to know each other on a more social level.

Treasurers Report

  • The Balance of the Community account as at the 6th of May, 2014 was $7879.91

General Business

  • Due to the massive influx of members in the last 6 months and the coinciding influx of roles/assistance needed in order to continue as a positive proactive

    community group the date for the next AGM will be called in the next few weeks. A list of all the new roles and their responsibilities, as well as the existing roles will be emailed out to all our members.

  • Laurie Routledge expressed his concern about the number of dogs off their leads in the general areas and the impact this is having on the public’s ability to enjoy the beach. Laurie’s email listing his concerns/experiences as well as some additional possible solutions are to be forwarded to Councillor Jessie Richardson.
  • A list of signatures in favour of a clean-up of Yorkeys Knob Beach has started circulating as per the request from Cairns Council.

Official meeting closed

  • 5:55 to allow for a very enjoyable evening of drinks and nibbles.

Thank you very much to the Yorkeys Knob Boating Club for once again hosting the evening.